SRND, which runs programs like CodeDay, is a fun community to be involved with. We make new friends, and build cool apps and games together, and have a lot of fun. To make it welcoming for as many people as possible, we need everyone's help.

This document explains the standard of behavior we expect from all our community members. You are responsible for upholding these standards through your behavior (and the behavior of any friends and family you invite to watch presentations or drop you off/pick you up).

You have the right to feel welcome.

Likewise, remember that, as a community member, you always have the right to feel welcome and safe. If you ever feel you are unwelcome, unsafe, or in a hostile environment, please let us know (even if you don't think it violates anything here).

We will take your report seriously.

If you report concerning behavior, impartial staff will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. If you request anonymity, we will do our best to keep you anonymous. If you have a concern about the investigation, you will be able to escalate.

You will not face retaliation, even if your report involves staff, mentors, volunteers, or sponsors. Any attempt to retaliate will be treated as harassment.

You can report a problem in many ways.

We can help you file other complaints.

We can help you file complaints with other organizations and agencies. Here are two common ones:

Police: You may be able to file a criminal complaint in many cases.

Title IX: If you have an issue involving sexual harassment or sexual violence, and you attended with your school, attended an event hosted at a school, or had an issue with another student at your same school, you also have a right to report the behavior to the school under Title IX. You can find out who to contact by searching for "[school name] Title IX Coordinator."

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